Of the Vine

Of the Vine was one one of the last Live Paintings started by Martin in 2023. A goal in live painting is to have something in the early stages of development, so that the audience sees significant change during the event. With many short events, this can lead to a huge pile of work in various states of progress.

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Of Luna

Reflecting on the last quarter year and how much the lunar imagery has been dominant in my work of late. I had the realization that my time shared with other humans has been minimal but the dominant demographic I have been sharing time with has been women


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One Giant Consciousness

One Giant Conciousness

I was incredibly honored to be invited to join @desert_dwellers_music for their third “Beyond Borders” livestream in July 2020.
Given their special guest was the one and only @paulstamets – I HAD to paint something mushroom related.
As I was resolving the composition after the initial start during the stream I listened to the track “one giant consciousness” on repeat.

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